IO2: Challenges and opportunities of the new era: A Handbook for Students 2.

Primary target group: students 13 - 15 years old

Secondary target groups: teachers, school authorities and policy makers at local, national and EU level

Shape: a handbook for teachers (pdf document on English, Croatian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese) with a specific educational purpose: complete and interdisciplinary introduction of artificial intelligence into students' formal primary education

Content: expected outcomes (knowledge, skills, interest, motivation); innovative methodology (PBL, GBL, STEM); activities for students, tasks, projects

Duration of the educational program: 34 working hours 

The goal is to improve student learning, develop and improve their knowledge and skills for future education, future jobs and lifelong learning.

Objectives: To provide teachers with tools and resources to: Define basic concepts in the field of AI; Describe functions of AI as well as current limitations; Use equipment; Apply basic principles of coding to demonstrate understanding of AI concepts; Evaluate applications of AI technologies; Create a project that uses AI to solve real-world problems; Transfer the knowledge about AI and its practical usage to their students; Take advantage of the AI; As a guide to implement and carry out AI activities as well as student workshops; As a guide to address the AI with the involvement of the school community






pdf format